Q: How long is PREP and what is it like?

ANSWER (1): There are two separate "Preparatory" Schools in Great Lakes upon graduation from Recruit Training. The Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School (NSWPS) for SEAL/SWCC and The Center for EOD and Dive Preparatory School (CEODD) for EOD/Navy Diver. ANSWER (2): The Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School (NSWPS) is an 8 week school designed for students that have an SO or SB contract. During this course students can expect to Physically Train (PT) everyday! The course has a curriculum that incorporates running/ swimming and functional movement progression. Training is conducted daily by civilian contractors that are the best at what they do. You will be given the time, opportunity and training to become successful in the program that you have chosen. You can expect to run 3x a week, swim 4x a week (plus an additional day of basic water fundamentals), have an academic block of instruction daily and receive mentoring/motivational talks weekly to keep students mentally in the game. NSW Prep will prepare you both physically and mentally for follow on training. ANSWER (3): The Center for EOD and Dive Preparatory School (CEODD) has a different training methodology than NSW Prep. NOTE: At NO time is any Future Sailor authorized to conduct/train any form of Breath holding techniques. All schools are fast paced so be as prepared as possible before shipping. EOD and Dive Medical Tech (DMT) Prep is 12 training days (all pool). ND Prep contains 20 days classroom Basic Engineering Common Core (BECC) followed by 12 training days in the pool. CEODD Prep is 12 days (contains 5 water adaptability events). After successfully completing those 5 events the students move on to the IWP (In Water Procedures) in which the student dons weighted tanks with weight belt and has to perform in water checks on a buddy, tread for 1 minute then blow up their UDT for buoyancy. All total, the IWP usually works out to about a 3-4 minute tread (w/fins) with 16 lbs negative buoyancy. *This is our most failed event. In addition to the above the students will be expected to maintain a passing PST while being exposed to increasingly rigorous levels of PT. We only have 12 training days so there isn't a lot of buildup going on here.